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I/O-Shield - whats that?

I/O Shield also ATX PANEL, backplate, bracket or I/O panel called. The i/o-Shield is a component for computers. The io-shield not only serves as protection against pollution, but also to shield the pc-case from electromagnetic radiation.

Simply put, the I / O Shield is like a lightning rod. Peripherals to be connected to the PC can be electrostatically charged. This charge is derived by the io-shield on the PC case.

Do you need a new I / O Shield?

We carry a huge selection of the most diverse I/O Shields (ATX, Micro-ATX, Flex-ATX, mini-ATX ...)

Manufacturer I/O-Shield

Abit | ASUS | Biostar | Gigabyte | ASRock | MSI | Elitegroup | PC CHIPS | Supermicro | XFX | Zotac

You want to convert your computer?

Your PC is getting on in years, but you want to buy a new computer, but upgrading your old PC with Computer Accessories? Then you are right here. Here you will find next to I/O Shields many accessories, such as cables and adapters, drivers, power supplies, antennas ...


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Hallo Olaf,

Just for your information, the 19% value added tax should not be added when you ship to Canada or to any country outside of the Euro. It is a small amount, so I won’t ask for it back.  Germany needs all the tax money it can collect for all those refugees!

Thank you for shipping so quickly,